It was actually done live at her fragrance launch

It was actually done live at her fragrance launch

Many books have been written about people being taken up to Heaven, while others had the misfortune of visiting hell! I’ve read two books; one by the father of a young boy who was four years old when he was taken to Heaven. He had a serious operation and died during the procedure. But somehow it didn’t ring true..

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Do not start working on DIY projects unless you are sure of yourself. Always get someone to be near you if an emergency were to happen. Invest in high quality tools that won’t break on you. 6. Lady Gaga Whenever the ‘Million Reasons’ singer ties up her hair, you can see the tattoo of some kind of cherub on her undercut. It was actually done live at her fragrance launch back in 2012 at the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, as part of an installation where she got inked in her underwear inside a giant perfume bottle.

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