As a result, nearly one third of the state’s working

As a result, nearly one third of the state’s working

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cheap nfl jerseys Photograph: Marco Garcia/Thanks to its geographic isolation, a stay at home order and a mandatory 14 day quarantine for all arrivals, Hawaii has had some of the lowest rates of Covid 19 in the US.But the quarantine essentially halted tourism in Hawaii, which accounts for a quarter of the economy. As a result, nearly one third of the state’s working population has applied for unemployment.Related: ‘It’s beyond frustrating’: tensions peak as Hawaii locals urge tourists to stay outThis week, Hawaii’s governor, David Ige, announced a phased approach to opening the non tourism economy, or kamaaina (local) economy. The plan reopened auto dealerships, car washes and pet grooming services in May, while waiting until June to consider reopening higher risk businesses, such as gyms, museums and theaters.The governor also confirmed that the mandatory 14 day quarantine for all arrivals would stay in place through June cheap nfl jerseys.