Charlie And Joe — by Jones — Charlie had been a created pervert. He did not understand it though until an adult man showed him just how to jack down.

Charlie And Joe — by Jones — Charlie had been a created pervert. He did not understand it though until an adult man showed him just how to jack down.

Charlie And Joe — by Jones — Charlie had been a created pervert. He did not understand it though until an adult man showed him just how to jack down.

Caught By my partner Having Gay Oral Intercourse — by Barry — a guy that is straight fantasies about homosexual sex with another guy. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, dental, mast)

Caught: Dressed And Knotted — by Jimmy James — This is basically the story about getting dressed up, stumbling onto your dog being knotted to him once the owners get me! O.M. G! (MMM, M-teen/beast, cd, 1st-gay-expr, dental, anal)

Caught into the Act — by Somebodyorother — Cary and Beth are caught by Cary’s older brother Billy making love. Billy chooses to deal himself in, until all three of those get caught. (mmf-teens, youngsters, Mf, ped, reluc, dental, anal)

Caught within the limelight — by Peder Ast — it absolutely was certainly one of my forays that are first nude, and I also had been nervous as being a pet in a space saturated in rocking chairs. (M-solo, exh)

Caught Using My Undies — by Graham F Cutler — The activities of the cross dresser, while the girl that spotted he had been wearing ladies’ undies. (MMF, bi, television, cd, exh, mast, dental, anal, orgy)

Caving Intercourse: My very first time — by Secret fan — i am hitched now with 2 little children, but there was clearly an occasion once I thought I’d not be hitched. In reality, simply having a gf beyond the one-date-every-6- months variety had been nearly beyond my experience. I happened to be lonely and horny as hell, but We kept myself busy, primarily with hobbies and adventure that is so-called. (MM, dental, first, cheat)

Cell #13 — by Duke — it is a whole tale about love and betrayal in jail as well as house. (MM, intr, bdsm) component 2

Chambers, The — by Mack the Knife — a family group awakens to locate on their own captive of a voyeuristic psycho. (M/MFmf, ped, bi, nc, inc, voy, orgy)

Change of Focus — by Rojah Dodger — Sherry ended up being Jack’s gf, a fox in one associated with the better sororities that has taken a taste to Jack and seemed intent on working her means through the whole Kama Sutra with him. (M+/F+, bi, college-highjinks)

Changing Our Friends — by Digger — I hypnotize our buddies making them become a cum-swapping, voyeuristic couple. (couples, exh, dental, bi, mc)

Changing Time — by MixMaster — A tale about bi-curious task by way of a kid toward a toddler. (b/toddler, extreme-ped, mast, dental)

Charles — by Mistress Kay — an account about crossdressing — his is the start of a variety of episodes about bad Charles whom finally loses all their attributes that are male. He previously features an interest that is lifelong feminine articles it is insensitive to his spouse’s requirements and desire to have household security. (MM, MF, cd)

Charlie And Joe — by Jones — Charlie ended up being a created pervert. He don’t understand it though until an adult guy revealed him just how to jack down. We find him later on, divorced, wildly horny, putting on a brief celebration gown, stockings, garter belt and publishing for a porn web web site as he jacks down in another’s beverage. The other he gets an email from Joe who thinks he is beautiful evening. (MM, cd, mast, dental, anal, rom, alcohol)

Charlie Becomes Charlene — by Jones — Charlie is young, slender and tall. He loves putting on stockings, your back heel footwear, using make up and addressing their 8″ long shaved cock in a gown. An adult guy, John invites him to their apartment to have him seduce and drunk him. (MM, exh, cd, oral, anal, alcohol)

Charmed — by Yenoc — This tale is dependent on the tv screen show «Charmed» however with the intimate slant. The writer has written other celebrity and TV show works. (mc, celeb, MM, FF)

Chase And Justin Forever — by Jake B — Gay younger Celebrity Erotic tale about Justin Bieber and Chase Ellison. (mm-teens, ped, mast, dental, anal, celeb-parody)

Chasing Colt — by Alex Hawk — A teenage woman chooses to seduce a child on her behalf more youthful sibling’s baseball team, leading to fun that is much frolic for several. (mf, mm, bi, teenagers, voy, dental, mast) component 2 — component 3 — component 4 — component 5 — component 6 — component 7 — component 8 — component 9 — component 10 — component 11 — component 12 — component 13 — component 14

Cheaters — by Faggyboi — By all accounts these were a couple that is successful. She had worked for the previous 10 years as a trip attendant for Atlantica Airlines in which he had been a systems analyst at a sizable bank that is regional. Their paths first crossed nine years back in an online chat space. At that time, Deitrick had only recently accepted their attraction to transgender females and so they had begun a relationship that is online became inseparable. (MM, television, dental anal, rom)

Chicken Fight Blastoff — by David Rider — A lot of homosexual guys are into wrestling. My university roomie ended up being. Their teammates utilized to utilize one another as real time fat for workouts, partly because wrestlers need to be in a position to withstand their opponents’ fat without crumpling. I enjoyed riding piggyback whenever I happened to be a kid, and also this was no different, and the ones strong throat muscle tissue going within my crotch had been an amazing switch on for whatever reason. (MMM, gay, university)

Chris, Life is great — by Ham — Chris had an itch that may never be pleased, he had been to crave sex, any intercourse from a very early age. Age mattered maybe not, nor did sex. Their daddy taught him well as those around him had been to quickly learn. (MM, mm, mf, ped, inc, nc, rp, bi, dental, 1st-gay-expr)

Christian guys — by Mitchell Knight — an account of a homosexual man whom speaks their right Christian dorm buddy into posing for a charity calendar. He additionally takes images of a few of the other jocks in the university when it comes to calendar, and really loves every full moment from it. (M+, voy, exh, homosexual)

Christina, Natalie, Rob, Tim And Jason your dog — by KY Jelly — Christina is talked into testing out doggie-sex by her buddy Natalie. Then their boyfriends join up too. (FF, MF, MM, mast, dental, anal, snoball, beast)

CinderelishX — by ClutchCargoPDX — intimate dreams of the 54 years old guy searching for their dream woman in Vancouver, WA. (Mm, rom, dream)

Climbing Hut 1 — by Tafod Arian — a new married guy takes a holiday within the hills getting far from all of it. He incurs a mature guy who intimidates him last but not least takes intimate benefit of him. (MM, nc, hum)

Climbing Hut 2 — by Tafod Arian — A climber comes back to The Climbing Hut, the scene of a past adventure, to locate two siblings with whom he has got a pleased and, for him, amusing evening. (MFf, inc, nc, reluc, 1st)