Merely a Rio de Janeiro doesn’t express each of Brazil, Medellin isn’t the epicenter of Colombian tradition.

Merely  a Rio de Janeiro doesn’t express each of Brazil, Medellin isn’t  the epicenter of Colombian tradition.

Merely a Rio de Janeiro doesn’t express each of Brazil, Medellin isn’t the epicenter of Colombian tradition.

Select your town sensibly

nonetheless, many Gringos will decide to stay static in Medellin. In choosing your city think about the pros that are following cons:


  • The greatest ladies.
  • Great climate.
  • The very best amenities (metro) of any city that is colombian.
  • The absolute most touristy town.
  • Being a backpacker haven.
  • Girls have grown accustomed as well as red of gringos.


  • Greater Spanish amounts.
  • Because the social academic and center that is professional of, it draws intriguing and breathtaking females from all over the united states.
  • Nightlife is most beneficial in Bogota.
  • The ladies tend to be more wordily much less culturally insular.


  • Probably the most authentic city that is colombian.
  • Hot weather, year-round.
  • Just 2nd to Medellin when you look at the beauty associated with the ladies.
  • Most useful Salsa scene.


  • The city is boring.
  • There is not much to see in terms of trips outside the city day.
  • It may be dangerous during the night.


  • Really few tourists.
  • The ladies are particularly receptive.
  • Low English amounts
  • The town is boring and ugly.

Starting Dates with Colombian Women

Just What worked perfect for me personally in Medellin ended up being establishing a romantic date at a cafe such as for instance Juan Valdes or conference for a frozen dessert in another of the malls, near to my apartment.

Truth be told, McDonald’s can be a very very first date through the day.

It really is nicer that is much Colombia compared to the U.S. and a reasonable very very first date location in Colombia. It’s air-conditioned with good Wifi and has now ice cream for just two Mil.

Ice cream or coffee is my standard first date for fulfilling girls online. It really is a tremendously low investment on my end because of low priced and proximity to my apartment. Invite the girl to my apartment for a drink or to listen to music if I built up enough comfort, after one or two hours I. i will be astonished at just exactly exactly how numerous consent. Escalation is very simple as of this point but will not constantly end up in intercourse.

Dating Alternatives

Online dating sites in Colombia

Online dating sites is quite typical in Colombia. Tinder is solid but girls are generally extremely flaky. The very best online site that is dating meeting Colombian ladies is Colombian Cupid.

It is strongly suggested which you begin messaging girls a couple of weeks prior to your trip to get the best outcomes. Girls who possess profiles on Colombian Cupid are usually less flaky than Tinder and much more seriously interested in real in-person meetings. Also, the ladies in Colombian Cupid are especially trying to satisfy men that are foreign.

Game day

You might be disappointed if you are coming from Day Game heaven in Eastern Europe. An average of the feamales in Colombia aren’t at hot as state Ukraine or Russia. You may need to wait long periods of time to see an attractive target if you are heading out with the specific purpose to approach in the day. This really isn’t to declare that there aren’t hot women that are colombian. You will find, but in less amount as with Eastern Europe.

Colombian women can be maybe maybe not had previously been approached straight through the day. Despite having solid Spanish abilities, they might react in a timid way. It is advisable to start her indirectly such as for instance a question on locations to choose a store that is particular . If you have some chemistry make an even more statement that is direct of and shut her WhatsApp or Instagram.

Game night

Fulfilling females at nightclubs in Colombia disappoints many Gringos. Outside of Bogota, fulfilling ladies through the night is quite difficult. At evening, girls will strike pubs making use of their buddies, frequently in blended teams. Usually, pubs in Colombia are focused in big tables. Unlike pubs in the us, it is extremely hard to approach in pubs since many folks are sitting. There are many western design pubs in Bogota, however for the absolute most component Nigthgame is a breasts in Colombia.